03-17-14 - Instant Commoditization

I think the thing that makes the hipster generation feel so phoney and unauthentic (same thing with the fixie craze, artisanal beefs, etc.) is how rapidly trends are co-opted by the mainstream consumerism machine these days.

Back in my day, there could be movements like post-punk, grunge, the doc marten pixie-listening set, low riding old american cars, that could kind of exist as a subculture for a while outside of the mainstream consumer culture. The Gap didn't sell the clothes for your subculture.

(not only that, but historically most of the youth subcultures were explicitly anti-corporate and anti-consumerism)

These days as soon as a new trend pops up, it's instantly got blogs about it, kickstarters for it, and in a few weeks you can buy the clothes for it at Target. Once that happens the trend just becomes about commerce and then all authenticity is lost, it becomes directed by the advertisers and image creaters.