03-13-14 - Cults

No we do not practice "attachment parenting". No we do not practice "RIE". Yes there are many similarities in what we do, but we are not part of your cult. We don't congratulate each other about how nicely we're following the prescription. We don't insulate ourselves in an incestuous circle of blogs and groups and books that all tell us we're ever so right (and everyone else is wrong).

I try to watch the baby and just do what makes sense to me. Yes I make mistakes. Yes I often have uncertainty.

Most people are so uncomfortable making their own decisions that they have to buy into some kind of cult so that they can just follow the rules. People are so uncomfortable with uncertainty that they would rather follow morons like GWB who pretend to have no doubts about anything and blindly lead towards they don't care what.

I suppose there have always been cults of various kinds, but the whole facebook/blog/internet age has made it very easy for micro-cults to form and feed off each other very quickly. These days, no matter what you believe, you can find some other weirdos who believe the same thing and will tell you you're totally right.

Oh, and while I'm at it -

"Everyone in the past was wrong, but we made up some arbitrary rules that we pulled out of our asses, and our exact way is the one true way".

Uh huh. Sure.