03-13-14 - Childish

I have a different view of "childish" than the mocking mob.

As noted last time, wanting some cuddling and tenderness when you're hurt is not childish. What is childish is wanting it but not saying anything. Or not getting it and then turning that into anger or pouting.

Hugging and wrestling and tickling and general physical human contact is not childish. What is childish is making fun of other people just for being different, or for having what you wish you could have.

Skipping down the road is not childish. Playing in the park is not childish. Letting days go by without fullfilling your dreams is childish. Not being proactive about doing what you need to do to feel okay is childish.

Playing hooky from work to spend time with your friends or family on a sunny day is not childish. Using work and responsibilities as an excuse to avoid living is childish.