03-11-14 - Dogs

God I fucking hate dogs.

I hate my neighbors dogs fucking yapping at me all the time. I hate my neighbors for leaving them outside. "Here, you listen to this annoying shit" and such like. I hate that every time I step outside my own damn house there's some probability of a beast screaming and my spine jumping.

I hate them when I'm walking the baby and the fucking yapping monsters wake her up. I hate the owners for not controlling their damn dogs when they walk them. No, it's not fucking hillarious that you are letting your dog sniff and lick my baby.

I hate them when I'm at the park and they're shitting and yapping and jumping on me. I hate the fucking owners who let their dog off leash any damn place they want despite most of the parks being "no dogs off leash", and there also being a really excellent fenced dog park right near here. Oh no, you can't go to the fucking dog park with your dog, you have to intrude on my human park. Because everyone must love your annoying little shit of a dog.

I hate them when I see big guard dogs roaming loose around the neighborhood. Oh yeah, a vicious guard dog is a totally reasonable idea. They could never escape, or bite a neighbor. Owning guns is a great idea too, that never goes wrong. Dicks.

I hate that when a loose dog is coming at me I can't just kick it in the face. A fucking animal is coming at me and the owner is obviously out of control, but since society has decided that his behavior is an acceptable norm and protecting myself from the beast is unacceptable, I'm not allowed to.

That said I'm not necessarily opposed to owning a dog of my own. Like most evil things in the world, they're totally fine when it's you comitting and profiting from the evil.