03-10-14 - Griping

One of the (many) things that has always deeply bothered me is people who anguish about something, but don't actually do anything about it.

Like "whaa why am I so fat I need to get in shape" .. but you are stuffing your face with garbage food and hardly exercising? It's so fucking easy to get in shape if you just do the work.

Or "whaa my job sucks, I can do so much better, I'm not using my talents" .. buy you aren't trying at all. All you do is browse craigslist job listings, you aren't hustling, meeting people, trying to build a portfolio, nothing.

I've always thought - either actually *try*, put in some effort, or if you don't care then shut the fuck up and quit whinging about it.

But of course I've done the same thing about the most important things in life. I used to whine about how girls like the wrong guys for the wrong reasons, waa waa, but in fact I just wasn't actually putting in any effort. I whine about how politics is so corrupt and you can't actually make any difference, but of course I've never actually really tried to get active and change the world. I whine about how nobody ever talks about anything *real*, it's all just surface nonsense, but then I've never really made much of an effort to cut through that and connect to people on a deeper level.