03-10-14 - The Devil

I wish I could sign a deal with The Devil, to let him take a bit of my life expectancy, and in return save me from injury.

My greatest fear in life is to be injured but not die. On the flip side I could really care less if I only live to be 70 or so. I'd like to be fully 100% functional as long as possible and then just drop dead. No gradual degradation.

Any time I go skiing, or biking, I'd love to just shake The Devil's hand. Okay devil, I would have been hit by a car today and broken some bones. You can stop that and in return I'll give you 6 months of life.

I don't understand people who try to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge or something like that. There's just such a high chance of surviving with horrible injuries, which is the worst possible fate.