12-31-13 - My Philosophy - 2

Note to self : Never ever listen to anyone about anything.

Several reasons why.

1. I am very vigilant about protecting my brain from poison. I avoid commercial TV and advertising of all kinds. I avoid TV news and the mass news in general. I avoid group-think garbage like Pollan and Gladwell and so on. There is horrible brain poison everywhere, and most sophomoric pseudo-intellectuals think that they are either strong enough to resist it or even get benefit from it. Nonsense, all you get is brain-washing and ruined opinions. Nobody else does research like I do. Nobody else protects themselves from bias like I do. Their opinions are shit. Just smile and nod and ignore them.

2. People who do great things strike out on their own and follow their own heart. Even if you are "wrong", who cares. Do your own thing. If Einstein or Prince were surely told by all the cowardly morons around them that they shouldn't strike out and do such odd things.

3. If you make your own decision, at least it's yours. You're making your own life, not following the herd. You can learn from your decision and hopefully do better in the future.

4. Getting things "right" is vastly over rated. Make mistakes. Try things. Have experiences, learn. Try more things.

5. People are fucking liars about their level of expertise and surety. People are constantly acting like they really know something and giving you advice about it like their answer is definitely right. It's not. They don't know shit. Thirty minutes of googling will teach you more about it than they know. In fact their "knowledge" is probably apocryphal or wives tales or widespread misunderstanding. It's almost impossibly rare to find someone who will actually admit "I'm no sure about this" or "I think I know the answer, but it's not based on much". Instead you get "oh yes, definitely this way, it works great, everybody knows this". Umm, no, I'm just going to competely ignore you because you have zero rigor in your analysis and zero honesty about your level of expertise.