12-14-13 - cbloomco product design

1. All cbloomco products will have a hard-switch to disable all status lights and beeps. This could be just a little slider toggle. You switch it to off, and you get absolutely zero lights, and zero beeps. We make routers, stereos, etc. Flip the switch and you have beautiful silent dark boxes.

2. All cbloomco products ship without any stickers or logos on them whatsoever. Not even a "cbloomco" printed anywhere. When stickers are required by law, they are done in ways that make them easily removable without leaving any residue. For example they might be put on a removable panel, and a replacement panel is included without any stickers so you can just swap it. Or they might be put on a non-functional piece that you can just detach and throw away. (cbloomco clothing ships with no tags)

3. All cbloomco electronics have real hard-switches and physical knobs. No digital shuttles, real knobs that save your position and can be adjusted even when the product is off. No digital toggle buttons that have no state, but real up/down switches.

4. All cbloomco electronics have UI's that are 100% *stateless*. That is, every button has a single well-defined function and it does that function all the time. One of the very common statefull buttons that pisses me off on a regular basis is the "Play/Pause". What a moronic abomination. I hit "Play", and I seem to get no response, so I hit it again, oh crap now its Paused, hit it again, wait did that work, oh my god just play I want a damn button that always means play and has no context!