12-13-13 - QUIET PLEASE

Recently I've been taking baby for drives to get her to fall asleep. I prefer using walks, but in the rain at 20 degrees they aren't so fun.

So I'll drive a bit and she falls asleep quickly, and then I'll park and listen to the radio. And then the annoyance begins. The fucking Porsche automatically turns off the electronics after 5 minutes of engine-off time. I have to turn the car off and back on, and then it makes a ton of fucking beeps, which wakes baby. My other cars turn off the heat, and if I turn the ignition up to the spot where the heat will come back on, they beep beep beep. Of course if you open the door they beep beep beep.

QUIT FUCKING BEEPING AT ME. I know the god damn key is in the ignition. I don't need your help! Just never ever fucking beep at me.

Sometimes when walking baby to get her to sleep I'll have her almost asleep, or just right on the edge, and I'll walk past some car and the owner will lock or unlock it and the fucking thing HONKS. How vulgar, how fucking scummy. Cars do not need to make noise ever. If you need a sign that your car is locked, your key-fob could give you a little zap. Hell it can go ahead and electrocute you to death, you fucking moron.

(part of the problem is that so many cars use a lock/unlock toggle, which is fucking retarded awful design. UIs should be stateless. But that's another rant).

(and there's a separate problem that so many owners are fucking inconsiderate assholes/retards and decide to fire up their ridiculous huge truck right as I'm walking the sleeping baby past. You could have waited five seconds you useless waste of oxygen.)