10-17-13 - Drinks

I can't stand talking to sober people. Ugh, they're just so fucking boring, so phony. Oh yes everything is fine, life is great, I'm doing some home improvement and checking my property values; do you see this new gadget I bought? some horrible Hollywood move is out. Ugh. People trying ever so hard to be "clever" and "witty" and one up each other and act like we're all having such a good time. We're not.

I much prefer talking to drunk people. I like people in the "I love you man" stage of drunkenness, when you finally are allowed to touch each other (dear god, a man making physical contact with another man, we can't possibly clap each other on the back unless we're drunk or playing sports). Then a little bit of honesty starts sneaking out, you finally get to hear something more than the facade of "everything is okay". You get the "I hate my job / I'm afraid of being fired" or the "I think I hate my children" or "my wife is cheating on me and I wish I could watch" or whatever craziness. When a great song comes on will we sing along?

These days when I consider having a dinner date with another couple, part of my filter is "do they get drunk?". Will we sit around unhurriedly for a few hours and get progressively soused and finally open up and start to have fun? Because if they don't drink it's just going to be tense and awkward and boring. No thank you.