09-22-13 - The Standard Western Path to Enlightenment

The Standard Western Path to Enlightenment :

Spend your youth and early adulthood scrapping viciously in the capitalist battlefield. Lie, cheat, steal. Amass a fortune with little concern for morality. (if you're a woman, marry someone who does that).

Once you have a comfortable fortune, decide that money is not the path to happiness. "See the light" and prioritize happiness and kindness and so on. Talk a lot of shit about sustainability and inner peace and how money doesn't make you happy and blah blah.

But don't give back the fortune from your early years. Of course not. Don't actually live cheaply or minimize consumption. Talk a lot of shit about "simplifying" which just means instead of having 5 houses you have 3, and instead of wearing new fancy high heels out to restaurants, you wear designer yoga pants to your celebrity trainer private lessons.

As a life plan, it's a pretty good one. If you just immediately set out to "live well" in your youth, you'll wind up broke and struggling in your old age. If you instead go plunder and build a nest egg first, you can always "see the error of your ways" later.

I should note that this path is in no way confined to New Age hippie types. It's also a great way to go for more traditional religions. If you're going to vow chastity or piety or whatever, you should make sure to fuck a lot of whores and steal a lot of money first. See for example St. Augustine, The Buddha, GW Bush.