09-22-13 - Missing Out

Sometimes it strikes me that just before I was born, there was this glorious era when people believed in the power of love to change the world, did drugs and had sex, listened to music and danced. It was perhaps the greatest moment in the history of human civilization, and I just barely missed it. But then it occurred to me that even if I was alive, I surely would have missed out, been too shy, made some excuse about why the "dirty hippies" (typical jealousy turning to condescension) were no good.

In your lifetime, there will be various special moments, when certain things come together and something unusual happens, where people behave outside the norm, where people are better. Or just where opportunity and freedom suddenly appear, so people are optimistic and happy. In my life there's been the fall of the iron curtain, the opening of southeast asia, freedom in Spain. That's the place to be, when something big like that happens, you need to go be a part of it!

If you hear about something great happening in the world, or if you go visit someplace and you're like YES! this is it for me, this is living! and you pack up your life and you go for it - good for you, you're doing it right. If you just go "oh well" and go back to your normal humdrum life, you're a pathetic coward, you may as well just kill yourself now because you're not alive.